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GRG News 2015

Tea at Sainsbury's

Govan Reminiscence Group Vist Sainsbury's in Braehead

The group enjoyed a nice change of scence for our meeting today thanks to Dot Scott, Communities Ambassador at Sainsbury's Superstore in Braehead. We were we treated to tea, coffee and cakes and David who was celebrating his birthday got a nice birthday treat.

The group had a lovely time and would like to thank Dot, Vicky and Vicky for a great day.

Posted: Tuesday 24th November 2015

Doon The Watter

Govan Reminiscence Group go doon the watter on the P.S. Waverly

This year for the group's annual outing we chose a trip "doon the watter" to the Isle of Bute on the P.S. Waverly. Despite the driech day the group had a great time in Rothesay and took the opportunity to enjoy one of the towns famed fish teas.

There was also some drama when our members; Jean, Flora, Dena and James were almost left on the island to spend the night when the steamer started to leave without them, however the captain decided to go back for them as there were no ferry services that day due to strikes.

Where to next year?

Posted: Tuesday 26th June 2015

Sheep's Heid Honour

Govan Reminiscence Group member Colin Quigley carries Sheep's Heid at Govan Fair

Our member Colin Quigley had the honour of being selected this year to take part in Govan's oldest tradition of leading the Govan Fair procession carrying the "Sheep's Heid".

The "Sheep's Heid" (which is actualy a ram's head) was the emblem for the village of Govan and in a tradition going as far back as 1756 it was carried through the village every year at the fair by the Deacon of the Govan Weaver's Society.

Colin who was selected "because of his tireless community and heritage work" was thrilled and honoured to be asked.

Posted: Friday 5th June 2015

Group's 27th AGM

Govan Reminiscence Group Annual General Meeting 2015

The group held its 27th Annual General Meeting today and remains as dedicated to preserving and promoting Govan's history and culture as it did at its conception way back in 1988, and if newer members were to forget these aims there are still a few original members to remind us.

The group would like to welcome Alison Martin as our new Chairperson and Robert Preston as our new Vice-Chairperson. Also a big thanks to all those for agreeing to continue in their roles; Bill Pritchard (Treasurer), Esmeh Clark (Secretary), Flora Pagan (Social Convenor), James McDonald (Photographer) and James McGhee (Video).

Here's to another 27 years!

Posted: Tuesday 27th April 2015

Govan High Visit

Govan Reminiscence Group visit Govan High school

The group this week enjoyed a visit to Govan High School and some of our members who were returning pupils took a wee trip down memory lane, Jean Melvin also felt that it was a suitable occasion for wearing her old Govan High tie.

We were warmly welcomed by Ian McCracken, Volunteer Archivist at Govan High who started off by showing us the old and new memorials to the pupils of Govan High who sacrificed their lives in World War 1 and 2.

We were then shown the great timeline of Govan High history featured along the full length of one of the corridors before going to the Centenary Gallery which had a great display of photos and artefacts.

The visit ended with Ian showing us the painstaking work he has done; research that has resulted in him being able to add a great personal element to the stories of those soldiers featured on the Govan High Memorials. It is great to see Govan High school embrace its history so enthusiastically.

Read more about Ian's great work at: cilips

Posted: Wednesday 18th March 2015

Jeely Jars and Seeing Stars

Sketch of now derelict Lyceum Cinema in Govan

Last year our members Flora, Jean, Robert and David recorded audio with the Glasgow Film Cinema City Memories team for the Glasgow Film Theatre. The group recorded memories of their experience of going to the cinema in Govan, with Flora recounting fondly her memories of the Lyceum Cinema.

The Cinema City team has gathered together some of the memories of cinema going over the past 80 years to create an interactive exhibition celebrating Glasgow's love affair with the movies.

The exhibition named "Jeely Jars and Seeing Stars: Glasgow’s Love Affair with the Movies" is running to coincide with the Glasgow Film Festival at the Mitchell Library from February 12th to the 28th.

Details of opening times at the following link: Jeely Jars and Seeing Stars

Posted: Friday 12th February 2015