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Merry Christmas!

Govan Reminiscence Group celebrate at GoGlasgow Urban Hotel

The group thought we would keep this years Christmas dinner local and booked the GoGlasgow Urban Hotel on Paisley Road West, we were not dissapointed as the food was great and the staff were very friendly and accomadating, a big thumbs up for GoGlasgow from everyone in the group.

Merry Christmas! and a Happy Hogmanay! from everyone at Govan Reminiscence Group

Posted: Tuesday 13th December 2016

Winners of Asda Green Token Vote

Govan Reminiscence Group receive cheque from Wilma Mchardy of Asda Govan

The group was chuffed to receive a visit today from Wilma Mchardy, Community Champion at Asda in Govan. The group had been nominated as one of the three local charities that shoppers at Asda Govan could vote for using the green tokens. We are glad to say that Govan Reminiscence Group came out on top, winning first prize thanks to Asda Govan's kind shoppers, Wilma was visiting today to present us with a cheque for £500, the two other projects; Govan Schools Pipes & Drums Association and Twilight Basketball each received £200.

Big thanks to Asda Govan and their kind shoppers.

Posted: Tuesday 11th October 2016

Govan Fun Day

Govan Reminiscence Group at Govan HA Fun Day

Govan Reminiscence Group had a stall again this year at the bigger & better Govan Housing Association annual fun day at Govan Campus, we again demonstrated some traditional games such as; skipping and hopscotch, despite stiff competition from bouncy castles and donkey rides we still had plenty wanting to get involved especially the grandparents.

Posted: Saturday 25th June 2016

A Govan Childhood

Members were happy to be going back to their Govan High School days after being invited by teacher Mr Beattie to speak with S1 pupils and share their own experiences of growing up in Govan. The pupils asked some great questions and the group had a great time answering them.

Posted: Tuesday 31st May 2016

Southside Fringe Heritage Event

Govan Reminiscence Group show how we used to play

A lovely sunny day brought the crowds out at the Southside Fringe Heritage Event at House For An Art Lover at Bellahouston Park, at the event the Govan Reminiscence Group demonstrated some traditional games showing how we played before the advent of the computer game.

Posted: Saturday 14th May 2016

75th Anniversary of Bombing

Govan tenements destroyed by WW2 bomb

Today and tomorrow is the 75th anniversary of the German Luftwaffe raids on the Clydeside, which included the bombings which devastated Clydebank, although far less devastating, Govan was also bombed, many people were killed and many families affected.

At 10.15pm a parachute landmine fell at Blackburn Street and Cragiehall Street in Plantation, it was said that young men, including a soldier home on leave were gathered at a nearby closemouth and had ran towards the parachute believing it was a German soldier, the landmine which blew up the tenements also killed the young men running towards them.

Many other bombs were dropped along the Clyde at Govan that evening, some fell at the King George V Dock, Shieldhall Farm and at Shieldhall Wharf and the sewage works, two mines were dropped into Fairfield shipyard, one failed to explode and was made safe a few day later.

A mine was also dropped into Alexander Stephen's shipyard at Linthouse, at 10.42pm another missed the yard and hit nearby tenements on Govan Road between Moss Road and Burghead Drive. Tenement closes 1249 & 1259 Govan Road had been hit, (see above photo) tragically killing most people in the two closes on Govan Road, the bomb also killed 64 year old Henry Cameron at nearby Moss Road.

In Memory

of those who died in the above bombings

Remembered with Honour

1249, 1259 Govan Road & 3 Moss Road

  • Brown, Jane, age 39.
  • Burns, John, age 25.
  • Cameron, Henry, age 64.
  • Clark, David, age 31.
  • Clark, Mary, age 29.
  • Clark, David, age 9m.
  • Duthie, Rebecca, age 39.
  • Egan, John, age 35.
  • Egan, Catherine, age 31.
  • Egan, Catherine, age 4.
  • Egan, Mary, age 3.
  • Egan, Sarah, age 21m.
  • Egan, Rose, age 5m.
  • Fiddimore, Eileen, age 26.
  • Fiddimore, Robert, age 3.
  • Frew, James, age 32.
  • Frew, Martha, age 25.
  • Kendall, Cissie, age 34.
  • Langmuir, Caroline, age 68.
  • McCaskill, Sarah, age 60.
  • Murray, James, age 45.
  • Murray, Maude, age 33.
  • Murray, James, age 10.
  • Murray, Norman, age 8.
  • Murray, Sylvia, age 4.
  • Murray, Gordon, age 3m.
  • Nicolson, Isabella, age 65.
  • Paterson, Maureen, age 10m.
  • Reid, Thomas, age 58.
  • Spence, Cecilia, age 33.
  • Thomson, William, age 66.
  • Thomson, William, age 24.
  • Thomson, Helen, age 24.
  • Williamson, Mary, age 34.
  • Wilson, John, age 30.
  • Wilson, Jean, age 29.
  • Wilson, Marjery, age 4.
  • Wilson, Robert, age 19m.

Blackburn Street & Craigiehall Street

  • Bell, Martha, age 30.
  • Bell, Maureen, age 11m.
  • Bullemor, Anita, age 14.
  • Bullemor, George, age 12.
  • Cadden, John, age 17.
  • Campbell, Wm., age 16.
  • Cleary, Edward, age 26.
  • Cummings, James, age 34.
  • Donohoe, James, age 17.
  • Dunlop, Rosina, age 27.
  • Dunlop, Rosina, age 2.
  • Hannah, Peter, age 54.
  • Harrison, Myre, age 32.
  • Kerachan, Wm., age 36.
  • Kerachan, Jane, age 33.
  • Kerachan, Agnes, age 12.
  • Kerachan, Jane, age 10.
  • Kerachan, Helen, age 7.
  • Kidd, Adam, age 30.
  • Lochhead, Arch., age 52.
  • Logan, James, age 57.
  • McGeehan, Denis, age 35.
  • McGeehan, Eliz., age 32.
  • McGeehan, Margt., age 11m.
  • McGowan, Annie, age 62.
  • McGowan, Josephine, age 25.
  • McGuigan, Thomas, age 70.
  • McIntyre, Matthew, age 43.
  • McIntyre, Malcolm, age 39.
  • McIntyre, Mary, age 36.
  • McIntyre, Matthew, age 16.
  • McKinlay, John, age 27.
  • McKinlay, Jean, age 4.
  • McNee, Margaret, age 26.
  • McNee, Christina, age 19.
  • McNee, Duncan, age 3.
  • McNee, John, age 15m.
  • McWhinnie, John, age 6.
  • Mercer, Francis, age 5.
  • Ritchie, Duncan, age 18.
  • Ross, Margaret, age 29.
  • Ross, Elizabeth, age 3.
  • Ross, David, age 21m.
  • Sheridan, Mary, age 34.
  • Sheridan, Sarah, age 14.
  • Sheridan, Daniel, age 10.
  • Sheridan, John, age 6.
  • Sheridan, Alex., age 3.
  • Tully, Thomas, age 22.
  • Watson, John, age 17.
  • Wilkie, Malcolm, age 39.
  • Wilkie, Alvera, age 2.

The above list has been compiled from the Commonwealth War Grave Commission (CWGC) and may not be complete, it is reported that there were 69 casualties in the bombings at 1249 & 1259 Govan Road, however the CWGC only lists 38 casualties. If you know someone who should be remembered on this list please contact the group at the email address below.

The group are now gathering people's memories of that fateful night on the 13th March 1941, do you, your parents or grandparents remember the bombs falling that night? do you know people who were killed? if so please contact the group at

Posted: Sunday 13th March 2016

Remembering Mary Barbour

Govan Reminiscence Group at the Remember Mary Barbour Gala Concert

The group had the privilege and the honour of being invited along to the Remember Mary Barbour Gala Concert last night as a thank you for our support for the campaign and for raising awareness of our Mary over the years.

The Old Fruitmarket in Glasgow was the venue for the fundraising event organised by the Remember Mary Barbour Association. At the concert hosted by comedy compere Susan Morrison was Libby McArthur of BBC Scotland's River City who took on the role of Mrs Barbour. Scottish singer Sheena Wellington opened the concert with a great rousing rendition of Alistair Hullet's song "Mrs Barbour's Army" and there was also lots of great traditional Scottish music by The Whistlebinkies, Maeve McKinnon, Siobhan Miller and Arthur Johnstone. The Govan Allsorts Choir also performed several song and the Glaswegian folk rock group The Wakes performed their new song "Nae Saft Touch", a tribute to Mary Barbour especially written for the event.

The Remember Mary Barbour Association have already raised over £65,000 towards erecting a statue of the 1915 rent strike leader Mary Barbour in Govan and the concert was arranged with the aim of making up the shortfall. The association also took the opportunity of announcing Andrew Brown as the winning artist who will create the full size statue from his model which was selected from a shortlist of five. The group look forward to seeing Andrew's full size statue of Mary in Govan.

Pictures of the event can be viewed at the following link: Remember Mary Barbour Concert Photos

Posted: Monday 22nd February 2016