A list of abbreviations used in Govan War Memorial Roll of Honour

A.B. Able Seaman
A.M. Air Mechanic
Bombd., Bombdr. Bombardier
C. Steward Chief Steward
C.E. Chief Engineer
C.P.O. Chief Petty Officer
C.S.M. Company Sergeant Major
C.W.M. ?
Capt. Captain
Copl., Corpl., Cpl. Corporal
Dr. Driver
E.R.A. Engine Room Artificer
Engr., Eng. Engineer
Gunn., Gunnr., Gunr., Gnr. Gunner
L Stoker Leading Stoker
L Trimmer Leading Trimmer
L/Corpl., L/Cpl., L/C. Lance Corporal
L/Sergt. Lance Sergeant
Lieut. Eng. Lieutenant Engineer
Lt., Lieut. Lieutenant
P.O. Petty Officer
Pte. Private
Serg., Sergt. Sergeant
Sig., Sign., Signlr. Signaller
Staff Surg. Staff Surgeon
Sub. Lieut. Sub-lieutenant
The Rev. The Reverend
W.O. Warrant Officer
A. & S.H., A & S.H., A.S.H. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
A.I.F. Australian Imperial Force
A.S.C. Army Service Corps
Aust. F., Aust. Forces Australian Forces (A.I.F.)
Borderers. Border Regiment
C.H. Cameron Highlanders
Camerons. Cameron Highlanders (sometimes Cameronians)
Canadian F.A. Canadian Field Artillery
Canadian I. Canadian Infantry
Canadian L.I. Canadian Light Infantry
Con. Rangers., C.R. Connaught Rangers
Devons. Devonshire Regiment
East Surreys. East Surrey Regiment
Essex. Essex Regiment
G. Hdrs., Gordon, Gordons. Gordon Highlanders
G.H. Gordon Highlanders or Glasgow Highlanders
Gloucesters. Gloucestershire Regiment
Gunr. Corps. Gunner Corps
H.L.I. Highland Light Infantry
Hampshire Hampshire Regiment
Hrs., Hdrs., Hghs., Highdrs., Highrs. Highlanders
Ind. Army. Indian Army
K.O.S.B. King's Own Scottish Borderers
L. Yeomanry. City of London Yeomanry (Rough Riders)
L.C. Labour Corps
M.G.C. Machine Gun Corps
M.M. Mercantile Marine
M.S. Mercantile Service
M.T. Co. Motor Transport Company
M.T.A.S.C. Motor Transport Army Service Corps
North Hants Northamptonshire Regiment
Northr. Fus., North. Fus., North. F. Northumberland Fusiliers
R. Air Force, R.A.F. Royal Air Force
R.A.M.C. Royal Army Medical Corps
R.A.S.C. Royal Army Service Corps
R.E. Royal Engineers
R.F.A Royal Field Artillery
R.G.A. Royal Garrison Artillery
R.I.F., Royal Irish Fus. Royal Irish Fusiliers
R.N. Royal Navy
R.N.D. Royal Naval Division
R.N.F. Royal Naval Force
R.N.R. Royal Naval Reserve
R.N.V.R. Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
R.S., R. Scots. Royal Scots
R.S.F., Roy. Fus., Scot. Fus. Royal Scots Fusiliers
Roy. Irish Rif. Royal Irish Rifles
Royal High., Royal Hrs.,Roy. Hrs., R.H. The Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)
S.G., Sch. Guards., Scts. Gds. Scots Guards
S.H. Seaforth Highlanders or Scottish Horse
S.R., Sch. R. Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
Scots. Horse. Scottish Horse
Seaforth, Seaforths Seaforth Highlanders
So. African Forces. South African Forces
So. African Inf. South African Infantry
So. Stafford. South Staffordshire Regiment
Worcester. Worcestershire Regiment
Yorkshire L.I. Yorkshire Light Infantry